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Book Cliffs poaching cases

DWR needs help solving a series of Book Cliffs poaching incidents

BOOK CLIFFS — Seven deer have been poached recently in the Book Cliffs in eastern Utah.

Now officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are asking for your help to find those responsible.

Poached deer
This buck deer is among at least seven deer that poachers have killed recently in the Book Cliffs. This buck was killed near the Greek Corrals.

Bryan Clyde, a conservation officer with the DWR, says a gut pile was found recently about 65 yards up the hill from the bottom of Bitter Creek Canyon. "At the scene were two sets of footprints and drag marks where they pulled the deer downhill," he says.

Clyde says the animal the pile belonged to was killed on or before Nov. 23. He says a cow elk hunt was happening in the area when the animal was killed. But the size of the gut pile and other evidence indicates the animal the poachers killed wasn't an elk.

"This was a deer — taken illegally — as the deer season is closed in this area," Clyde says.

In addition, six other deer have been shot and left to rot in the Book Cliffs. They include a buck deer shot in the Rainbow area (the poacher cut the animal's antlers off and then left the animal to rot); a buck poached on the Kings Well Road near the Greek Corrals; a buck killed in Three Mile Canyon; a buck poached in Park Canyon; and a doe and fawn killed near Watson.

If you have information about these cases, contact Clyde at (435) 790-4630 or DWR officer Clint Sampson at (435) 790-2206.

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