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DWR launches program to get Utahns outdoors

If hunting, fishing or shooting sports are activities you're interested in—but you don't know how to get started—a new Division of Wildlife Resources program is the answer.

Young people are among those who will benefit from the DWR's new Wildlife Recreation Program

Young people are among those who will benefit from the DWR's new Wildlife Recreation Program.

Photo by Ja Eggett

And the program will give seasoned hunters, anglers and shooters new opportunities too.

On Sept. 12, DWR Director Jim Karpowitz announced that a new Wildlife Recreation Program had been formed in the agency. The new program combines and unites the DWR's existing hands-on recruitment, retention and public outreach efforts, give those efforts increased emphasis and puts them together in one place in the agency's Conservation Outreach Section.

Karpowitz says the DWR's community fisheries youth fishing clubs, Dedicated Hunter, hunter education, shooting ranges, shooting sports, watchable wildlife, Great Salt Lake Nature Center, special events and volunteer programs are all part of the new Wildlife Recreation Program.

Karpowitz says the hands-on activities each program provides will receive more emphasis as a result of increased internal teamwork and partnerships with outside groups, organizations and businesses.

"One of the objectives of this new program is to provide more hands-on outdoor activities," Karpowitz says. "The activities will give youth—and everyone else who is interested—more chances to learn how to hunt, fish and enjoy a variety of shooting sports in Utah."

He says a coordinator will be hired to run the program. The job opening should be announced soon.

"The traditions of fishing, hunting and shooting sports are an important part of the quality of life here in Utah," Karpowitz says. "The ongoing funding our agency receives—and the future of Utah's wildlife—depend on more Utahns supporting wildlife management and conservation."

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