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Anglers can help endangered fish

The new rules affect the Green River and its tributaries, from Flaming Gorge Dam to the river's confluence with the Colorado River. On this stretch, you must keep and immediately kill any burbot, northern pike, smallmouth bass or walleye you catch. You may not release any of these fish back to the river alive.

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Turkey hunting clinic a success

On a recent, sunny Saturday morning, vehicles filled with excited, beginning turkey hunters pulled into the parking area at the Parowan Front Wildlife Management Area. By 8:30 a.m., most of those who would participate in the first Turkey Hunting Clinic held by the Division of Wildlife Resources in southwestern Utah had arrived at the registration site.

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More deer hunting permits

Nearly 2,000 additional hunters will have a chance to hunt buck deer in Utah this fall. After learning how well deer are doing in Utah, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved the additional permits at their April 30 meeting. In addition to buck deer hunting permits, board members approved permits for all of Utah's big game species.

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Learn how to catch kokanee salmon

A popular fishing seminar will be held again in Salt Lake City on May 6, 2015 at 7 p.m. The free seminar, which will teach anglers how to catch kokanee salmon, will take place at the Department of Natural Resources office in Salt Lake City. If you can't attend the seminar in person, you can watch it live on YouTube.

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Learn to hunt turkeys in video series

If you want to try hunting wild turkeys, but haven't because you're not sure how to find the birds and hunt them, then you'll want to check out our YouTube channel. The Division of Wildlife Resources has produced a series of five videos that will show you the basics of turkey hunting.

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General turkey hunt starts May 4

Utah's general statewide turkey hunt starts May 1 for those who will be 17 years of age or younger on July 31. On May 4, the hunt opens to hunters of all ages. Your chance to get into Utah's backcountry — and experience the thrill of hunting a strutting, gobbling tom turkey — is almost here. And getting a permit for the hunt is easy.

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Learn to hunt turkeys, win prizes

Young people can learn how to hunt wild turkeys, receive free raffle tickets, and leave with free door prizes at the first Southern Region Turkey Hunting Clinic. The April 18 clinic is open to anyone 17 years of age and younger. If you attend, you'll walk away with a basic understanding of how to hunt turkeys, as well as prizes supplied by The National Wild Turkey Federation and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

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Lots of birds likely for waterfowl hunt

Booming populations of ducks and geese could mean a long hunting season and a liberal bag limit in Utah this fall. Biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources are recommending a 107-day duck and goose hunting season. They're also recommending a daily bag limit of seven ducks and four Canada geese.

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Rebuilding the Red Fleet fishery

After several years of gathering data, and a winter full of meetings, the Red Fleet Fisheries Management Plan — and a list of fish chosen to restart the fishery at the reservoir — is ready for public review.

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Searching for mussels in Deer Creek

Work is underway to learn if Deer Creek Reservoir has a population of quagga mussels in it. Last winter, laboratory tests confirmed the presence of five microscopic juvenile quagga mussels — called veligers — in a water sample collected near the dam in October.

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