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Board rejects venomous snake change

Salt Lake City — Your neighbor won't be catching and keeping venomous snakes in his house, at least not legally.

At their March 4 meeting in Salt Lake City, members of the Utah Wildlife Board voted against a proposal that would have allowed people to collect and keep Great Basin rattlesnakes.

Board member Ernie Perkins said the board had received numerous comments against the proposal from the public and from government entities. At the same time, very few snake enthusiasts voiced support for it, he said.

"The new rule contained numerous safeguards to keep the public safe," said Krissy Wilson, native aquatic species coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources. "But we completely understand why the public was nervous about the change and why the board voted against it.

"The board wants to make sure people are safe," she said. "Keeping people safe is our main focus too."

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