Waterfowl hunting

2012 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Farmington bay, Timpie and Layton-Kaysville

Marsh conditions

The Great Salt Lake has decreased to an elevation of 4196.4 feet above mean sea level. This is over one foot lower than last year's fall elevation. Marsh vegetation is in fair shape along shoreline areas below Crystal and in good shape below Turpin where the cattle have grazed. Interior marshes are in great condition. Overall, marsh conditions at Farmington Bay WMA are considered good outside diked units and great inside diked units.

This fall, we sprayed phragmites in the East Crystal unit, Turpin, and Unit 2 secondary with a helicopter. We had to re-spray the Turpin Unit this fall because we were unable to burn it the last two years. Hopefully this fall we will be able to burn the Miller unit and possibly the Turpin unit. So there is a chance the area will be closed for a day so that we can burn.

Marsh conditions at Timpie are good to excellent.

Marsh conditions at Layton-Kaysville are poor. This has been a very, very dry summer and there wasn't great Alkali bulrush growth. We are going to need some really good rain storms in order to get Layton-Kaysville flooded. Also, airboat access into the interior will be very, very difficult.

Water conditions

All units within Farmington Bay will be holding and spilling fresh water throughout the fall. All units will be at 100 percent capacity.

Because Timpie Springs WMA is spring fed, water conditions are lower than last year, but the impoundments should be full.

Water conditions at Layton-Kaysville are poor. Once the irrigation season ends October 15, incoming fresh water may diminish. This will be highly dependent on the amount of fall precipitation.


All access points into Farmington Bay WMA will be open September 20, 2012. We encourage boat hunters to use the north entrance to launch into Unit 1 and Turpin. Small boat access is also available at the south entrance. Due to submersed hazards, we encourage wakeless boat speed in all fresh water impoundments. We encourage hunters to consider retrieval of downed birds before selecting a place to hunt.

An ATV corridor has been posted, and is available for use. The corridor is located at the north entrance and is next to Goose Egg Island. When the parking lot is full, no more access will be allowed. Users must obey signs.

Access points into Timpie and Layton-Kaysville will be open one day prior to the youth hunt, September 21, 2012.

Bird use

Excellent numbers of ducks and a fair number of geese are present at Farmington Bay, while fair numbers of ducks and geese are also present at Timpie and Layton-Kaysville. An increase in bird use and distribution is anticipated due to great habitat conditions and the great fall flight that has been predicted. The 2011 opening weekend average at Farmington Bay was 1.71 ducks/hunter. This year's opener should be much better than last year's.

Special regulations

  • Waterfowl youth hunt will be held September 22, 2012, followed by the general waterfowl opener on October 6, 2012. Shooting on the youth hunt will begin at 6:46 a.m. Shooting on the general opener will begin at 7:30 a.m.
  • All areas listed above are open for hunting.
  • The northwest corner of Unit 1 at Farmington Bay WMA is posted as a Waterfowl Rest Area and is closed to hunting and trespass.
  • The area west of the main entrance road to the first right bend in the road and north of the road until you get to Goose Egg Island is all closed to hunting for education purposes.
  • Shooting is prohibited at Farmington Bay WMA within 600 feet of all dikes and roads open to motorized vehicles.
  • Airboats are prohibited within diked units.

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