Waterfowl hunting

2012 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Clear Lake, Topaz Slough, Redmond and Bicknell Bottoms Waterfowl Management Areas

Marsh conditions

The spring flows at Clear Lake have increased slightly this year. This results in more available water to be used by ducks and hunters. The area south of the county road, Units 1 and 2, are in great condition. North of the county road has some water in Units 3 and 4. Water will begin filling other units as it becomes more available due to cooling fall temperatures.

Marsh conditions at Topaz Slough are excellent this year with 100 percent of the marsh full. There is great habitat available for both ducks and hunters with little use from hunters.

Redmond has good conditions on small impoundments.

Bicknell Bottoms has excellent conditions.

Water conditions

Clear Lake units south of the county road will have good amounts of water in them for the opening; the units north of the county road are filling as the water becomes available as the weather cools down. Please remember that Clear Lake is very shallow for boats.

Water at Topaz Slough is excellent.

Water conditions at Redmond are good on small impoundments.

Good water at Bicknell Bottoms.

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