Waterfowl hunting

2011 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area

The main impoundment of Salt Creek is dry and will remain so for the Youth Waterfowl Hunt opener. The sediment construction/excavation project was delayed due to a wet spring and is ongoing with a tentative completion date of Sept. 27, 2011

This will mean that water conditions for the General Waterfowl Hunt opener will be extremely low and all areas may not be flooded.

Bird numbers are low and should increase as areas become flooded following the season opener.

Mallard, pintail, green-winged teal, gadwall and cinnamon teal and wigeon are the primary birds expected as migrate stop over. There are several Canada geese for the opener.

Gates will be open on Sept. 15, 2011.

Toward the north, small impoundments of ibis, stilt, snipe and east impoundments of gadwall, canvasback and redhead have had water in all year and are holding birds. These areas may become overcrowded due to the lack of water in the rest of the marsh, but will provide some limited opportunity for the youth day opener.

The construction work zone is closed to the public until completion of the project. This is the main body of Salt Creek Impoundment as evidenced by construction equipment and excavation activities. Please stay out of that area for your safety and the safety of those working on the project.

Camping is allowed, no facilities available and fires are the responsibility of the camper, and if you lose it you pay for it

NOTE: The Sediment Construction/Excavation Project was initiated to remove sediment from channels and to reestablish shorelines that have eroded over the past 90+ years. The removed material has been used to create islands that will be seeded and should provide nesting cover and loafing sites for wetland birds. This project should provide numerous benefits over the next many years and may take a year or two to fully develop the potential. We ask for your patience and understanding that this project has been done for your benefit and for wildlife's benefit.

Green and/or brown are the colors depending on the area you plan to hunt.