Last modified: Sept. 11, 2009

Waterfowl hunting

2011 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area

Water and marsh conditions are great on Desert Lake due to the extra spring and summer moisture. All but the farthest east pond (pond zero) is nearing full but is anticipated to fill this fall. Pond zero is about half full due to some maintenance constraints preventing it from being fully filled. Desert Lake resting pond itself is a few feet low but again we anticipate it coming up this fall.

Total numbers of ducks are trending up from the Oct 2010 counts. On Sept. 7 there were approximately 100 geese on Desert Lake ponds but recently they have been seen in lower numbers and at the time of the Sept. 15 census, no geese were counted.

Anticipate good waterfowl hunting opportunity this fall.

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