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Sagegrouse fence marking

From April 29, 2013 12:28 until September 30, 2013

At Duchesne County Duchesne, UT, USA

Natasha (NRCS biologist) 435-722-4621 ext 115

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Sage grouse populations have been on a decline for decades and biologists have documented numerous threats to their continued existence. One source of mortality is collisions with fences. Recent studies documented fence collisions in some populations of grouse could be as high as 40% of their total mortality. Biologists have discovered that placing reflective markers on the wires could reduce these collisions by 83 percent.

It's now time to take action, the Division is teaming up with the NRCS and other agencies to mark fences on public and willing private lands.

The project is to obtain materials for reflective markers, cut to size (roughly three inches) and then place the markers on the top wires of the fence lines. This will increase the visibility of the strands of wire so the birds can see them and take actions such as flying above the fence.

Natasha, an NRCS biologist, is the contact for the Northeastern Region. Be sure to contact her before any action is taken. As some marker designs work much better than others, she will have the latest information on materials and construction. She will also be assigning the fence areas to work on and will have the DH time sheets.

Credit will be given for the cost of materials @ $20/hr, time to prepare the markers, travel time to/from the fence site and work time in the field. Credit is for work time only, it does not include lunch, game or scenic drives, etc. Drive time will also be limited to no more than 1/3 of the work time, so plan accordingly.

Equipment: Pliers, saw or tin cutters

Note: Materials can also be donated for credit as we have some Eagle Scouts and other volunteers looking for a project where they could do the field work.

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