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Book Cliffs Maintenence and Spring Enhancement Materials/Transport

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At Uintah County Uintah, UT, USA

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Materials are needed to repair cabins, fences and a spring in the Book Cliffs Roadless Area. Once purchased/donated the materials will also need to be delivered to the Sego Trail head. This could be done by the same group that donates the materials or by another group with the ability to haul materials into a remote site. The materials should be delivered next summer.  Additional details will need to be worked out with the project leader, Clint Sampson

1.   Fencing:  3" metal pipe 1100', 16' panel gate, and 200 cedar fence poles 12-16', 50 20' wood poles, 15 treated 4"x4"s.

2.   Roofing:  Metal Roofing 300 Sq. feet, six sheets 2" x 4" x 14' long.

3.   Cabin Supplies:  Pergo Flooring 600 Sq. Ft, window pane 22 inches x 32 inches, 6' x 6' piece of sheet metal, 665 Sq. ft cement (sand and gravel), metal door 36", and frame, five sleeping cots, Mr. Buddy Heater, 2 Gallons brown paint, chimney brush, and 50"x60"x92" metal siding, 10 tubes of water proof sealant.

4.     Spring Development:  500 gallon tank, 100' of two inch water line. 


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