Volunteers and Dedicated Hunters

Materials for waterfowl management areas

From October 15, 2013 until January 17, 2014

At Northern Region Ogden, UT, USA

contact Randy Berger (435) 452-8503

The Waterfowl Management Areas in the Northern region are requesting the donation of the following items:
Cracked Corn(in 50 pound bags)

Re-bar (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch),

lumber of various dimensions: 2x4, 2x6, 1x8, 1x12 in 8 or 10 foot lengths.

4x4x10 redwood or treated

cement dry mix 60-80 pound bags

sand, gravel, topsoil

angle iron 1 1/2 inch 1/8 thick in 10 foot or greater lengths

1 1/4 inch pipe in 10 inch or greater lengths

fiberglass post markers for channels and deep water areas. Flat or round, 6 to 8 feet tall

rubber bumpers for boat dock

small floating buoys 12 to 18 inches and anchors

To donate any of these items, contact Randy. Dedicated Hunters may earn service hour credit for these donations. Receipts are necessary for new items. Acceptable used items will need some form of comparison to determine an appropriate value assessment.

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