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Huntington Canyon Trail Maintenance

From June 28, 2014 until July 31, 2014

At Huntington Canyon

Posted by Volunteer Coordinator SER

Rod Player 435-749-1218

Description of project:  The main project is the placement of water control structures (6 x 6 treated timbers) in a short section of the top portion of the Left Fork of Huntington Canyon.  This section of trail is producing sediment in the main stream impacting water quality. 


There maybe the need for additional work on the upper trails as well.  This work would take place in July.


Project location:


Left Fork of Huntington Canyon, approximately 1 mile from the Staker Canyon Trailhead on the Millers Flat Road.




Equipment needed:   Gloves, sturdy boots, shovels, picks and sledge hammers.




Number of volunteers needed:


6 to 10 volunteers (depending on the condition of the upper trails.




Number of available hours per person:


8 to 16 hours (again depending on the need for work on the upper trails).




Will need to hike or ride horse back the 1-mile to the main work area.  Will also need to cross the main stream, which, depending on the water level,  may mean wet feet.

2014-06-28 14:48:00
2014-07-31 16:48:00

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