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Hell Roaring Canyon Bighorn Guzzler - New Installation

From May 10, 2014 until June 06, 2014

At Hell Roaring Canyon

Posted by Volunteer Coordinator SER

Kevin- 435-220-1037 Pam 435-259-2138 (w) or 970-275-1480 (c)

Hell Roaring Canyon Desert Bighorn Guzzler – New Installation – Boss tanks and materials will be flown in probably second week of June.


Phase I – dig by hand a hole large enough to install a 16’l x 8’w x 2’deep boss tank that will be flown in later. 


Hell Roaring is our best Bighorn Ram canyon. Bighorn are currently in the area. Amazing backcountry!!


Phase II – Install plumbing, drinker, finalize project.


Difficult access, rugged hiking, overnight camp trip would facilitate completion of phase I.





Project date: Phase 1 – open May 10 – June 6


                     Phase II – open after June 16




Volunteers will need sturdy clothing, boots, gloves, eye protection, hat, lunch and plenty of water.




Volunteers will need to fill out and sign a 2014 Volunteer Time Sheet BEFORE any work can be done. Contact will have time sheets.



Number of volunteers needed: 2-6


Number of available hours per person:8-16 per phase


Special requirements (i.e. training, background check, skill set, etc.) Physically able to do some hiking, digging and moderate labor potentially in the heat.















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