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AIS Substrate Samplers

From February 19, 2014 until March 31, 2014

At DWR Southeastern Region Office 319 North Carbonville Road, Price, UT 84501, USA

Posted by Volunteer Coordinator SER


Nathan Owens, Aquatic Invasive Species Biologist 435-630-3132


Description of project: 


The Aquatic Invasive Species Program is in need of 8 artificial substrate samplers to help detect possible adult quagga and zebra mussels. These samplers will be used throughout the Southeastern region waters. The artificial substrate should be a series of four square plates that are 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches in size, arranged as a pyramid with the smallest plate at the top. The plates should be made of 1/8 inch grey plastic PVC stock with ¾ inch CPVC grey pipe for spacers in 1 inch sections between the plates. The sampler is held together with an 8 inch long 3/8 inch diameter stainless steel eyebolt, plus washers and a wing nut. Please refer to the picture below



Special requirements

 No special requirements are needed, although it would be beneficial for the volunteer to have some construction/mechanical experience.


 Number of volunteers needed: 1


 Number of available hours per person: TBD





2014-02-19 12:54:38
2014-03-31 14:54:00

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