La Sal Mountains

Fishing report

  • Rating: Good
  • Conditions: The following report was provided by Conservation Officer T.J. Robertson:
    • Blue Lake—On July 15, the lake was stocked with 500 nine-inch rainbow trout.
    • Dark Canyon—Slow fishing has been reported. On July 15, the fishery was stocked with 500 nine-inch rainbow trout.
    • Dons Lake—The catch rate has been good, but the moss that encircles the shoreline has been a problem, especially for lures. Robertson recommends casting beyond the moss and floating bait just below the surface. Nightcrawlers and PowerBait have both been effective. The pond was stocked on July 15 with nine-inch rainbow trout.
    • Hidden Lake—On July 15, the lake was stocked with 800 nine-inch rainbow trout. Fishing has ranged from fair to good and is best in the morning and evening hours. A variety of baits have been effective, including PowerBait in green, orange or rainbow. Nightcrawlers and salmon eggs have been making a comeback. Jakes and Kastmasters are also working well. One group of anglers who used small Roostertails (tipped with salmon eggs) reported excellent success. Officer Robertson encourages anglers to clean up after themselves. Littering is against the law and carries a fine of $500. Walt Maldonado fished last week and said corn-colored PowerBait was the ticket. He suggested using light line, a sinker and allowing the PowerBait to float above the moss.
    • Kens Lake—Fishing success ranges from slow to fair but is better in the early morning or late evening hours. Trout have been taking a wide variety of baits. Bass anglers have been using small jigs near the inlet. Watermelon and chartreuse have been the most popular colors. Small double-tailed jigs have been effective for sunfish. Boaters are having more success than shoreline anglers.
    • Medicine Lake—On July 14, the lake was stocked with 524 nine-inch rainbows.
    • Oowah Reservoir—On July 15, the pond was stocked with 900 nine-inch rainbow trout. Fishing has been good. Take along a variety of small spinners as well as traditional baits.
    • Rattlesnake Ponds—The water is low, and fishing pressure has all but disappeared.
    • Warner Lake—On July 15, the lake was stocked with 500 nine-inch rainbow trout. Fishing has been good with nightcrawlers and salmon eggs. Jakes, Kastmasters and spoons have been the top-producing lures. Most trout range from nine to 12 inches.


  • Location: San Juan county
  • Directions: From Moab, take Highway 191 southeast and exit at San Juan County RD, head east until you reach La Sal Mountain Loop Rd
  • Type: Fishing
  • Size:
  • Elevation: Up to 12,000 feet
  • Hours:
  • Likely catch:
  • Possible catch:
  • Regulations: To see what statewide or special regulations apply to this waterbody, please read the current Fishing Guidebook.
  • Site amenities:
  • Handicap access:
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