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East Fork Sevier (Kingston Canyon)

This water is a productive tail-water trout fishery. Fishing for trout is excellent during the irrigation season when water is being released. Fishing opportunities are more limited during low water periods in late fall and winter. Acquisition of property by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources in 2004 and 2009 secured public access in this area and allowed habitat improvement work to be conducted. Natural stream meanders, riparian vegetation, flood plains and trout habitat have been restored in this Wildlife Management Area. Restoration work is designed to increase the trout numbers and survival during the winter when water levels are low. This section of stream can produce large trout, and contains good numbers of 10- to 17-inch trout. Floods, drought and reservoir-water releases can cause the trout population fluctuations from year to year.

Waterbody type

Moderate coldwater river 15-30 feet wide


This section of the East Fork of the Sevier River is located between the mouth of Kingston Canyon (UTM coordinates 396498.54 m E 4229387.52 m N) and Otter Creek Reservoir (UTM coordinates 410320.83 m E 4225005.01 m N).


Limit of four trout in the aggregate. Consult your fishing guidebook for more information.

Bait restrictions

The use or possession of live baitfish and tiger salamanders while fishing is unlawful. Use or possession of corn or hominy while fishing is unlawful. Use of live crayfish for bait is legal only on the water where the crayfish is captured. It is unlawful to transport live crayfish away from the water where they were captured. Use or possession of artificial baits which are commercially imbedded or covered with fish or fish parts while fishing is unlawful. For additional information consult Section R657-13-12 of the Administrative Rules.

Nearest town

Kingston, UT

Distance to Kingston, UT


More information

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East Fork Sevier (Kingston Canyon)

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From Salt Lake City, travel south on I-15. Take exit 188 onto US-50 W. Follow US-50 W for for 25.1 miles. Turn right onto UT-260 S. Follow UT-260 S for 4.3 miles. Continue for another 2.2 miles on N Interchange Road. Turn right onto I-70 W and travel for 24.6 miles. Take exit 23 onto US-89 S. Travel on US-89 S for 29.4 miles. Turn left at UT-62 E. Travel up-canyon to the Kingston Canyon area.


Depth is variable; ranging from less than one foot in shallow riffles to 5+ feet in deeper pools.


The river ranges in width from 15 to 30 feet.


East Fork Sevier River (Kingston Canyon) is 14.0 miles in length.


Elevation of this water ranges from 6,000 feet, at the downstream extent, to 6,300 feet at the upstream extent.

Fishing information

Sport Species

Bonneville cutthroat trout
Brown trout
Rainbow trout

Non-Sport Species

Leatherside chub
Mottled sculpin
Mountain sucker
Redside shiner
Utah chub
Utah sucker

Angling Methods


Suggested Tackle

Spincast, spinning, baitcast, or fly tackle can be used successfully on this water; providing angling opportunities for the novice and the specialized angler alike. Light weight to medium-light tackle is suitable for all fish you will encounter at East Fork Sevier River (Kingston Canyon). Floating line is recommended when fly fishing. Bait can be used successfully on this water; providing angling opportunities for the less-specialized angler. For more information on fishing tackle visit the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Suggested Bait

Grasshoppers, crickets, salmon eggs, night crawlers, waxworms, or mealworms will provide bait anglers with great action. For tips in the use of bait go to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Suggested Lures

Retrieve small spoons, spinners, or baitfish imitating crankbaits across current for successful lure fishing. Small jigs fished in the deeper pools can also be met with success. For more information on lures go the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Fly Matrix

Click here to view the Fly Matrix

Current Water or Flow Conditions

Check the USGS website for information on current flow levels for this water.

Moon Phase and Fish Conditions

For a glimpse at how moon phase, pressure, and other environmental variables may affect the bite at East Fork Sevier River (Kingston Canyon), visit

Seasonal Environmental Conditions

Expect high water during the irrigation season and low water at other times. Ice cover in winter can make fishing difficult. The river can be muddy after rainstorms or with high releases from Tropic Reservoir. Water released from Otter Creek Reservoir is generally clear. Flies, lures and natural baits are the best bet for catching brown trout.

Fishing License Information

Buy a fishing or combination license


Fish Preparation

Read more about preparing fish on the Take Me Fishing Web site

AIS Transportation Prevention

Learn more about preventing the spread of invasive species

Catch and Release Information

Learn proper catch and release technique

Consumption Advisories

See current fish consumption advisories

Disease Transport

To learn more about how you can help prevent the spread of whirling disease and other pathogens visit the Protect Your Waters website.

Services Description

Bait, fuel, lodging, restaurants, and grocery stores can all be found in the Bryce Canyon/Hwy 12 area.

Access Points

Several access points are available at East Fork Sevier River (Kingston Canyon). East Fork Sevier River (Kingston Canyon) is comprised of a patchwork of private and public lands. There is public access on a section of Kingston Canyon midway through the canyon. Look for signs. State Wildlife lands and BLM lands amount to about 6 continuous miles of stream that are open to the public. Much of the remaining 8 miles of stream between Otter Creek Reservoir and the mouth of the canyon, at the town of Kingston, is private land posted closed to trespass. Pay close attention to signs and ask for permission before fishing on private property. We have provided information below on a selection of access points at this water. Although the list is by no means complete, it is designed to provide anglers with information that may help them or their families enjoy the angling experience.

Access pointCamping servicesAmenities for the disabledBoat servicesVisitor servicesOther recreation
Pull-off #1HikingWildlife watching
Mountain bikingOHV or 4WD trails
Pull-off #2HikingWildlife watching
Mountain bikingOHV or 4WD trails
Pull-off #3HikingWildlife watching
Mountain bikingOHV or 4WD trails
Pull-off #4HikingWildlife watching
Mountain bikingOHV or 4WD trails

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