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Pineview Reservoir

Pineview Reservoir is a popular destination for anglers and recreational boaters alike. During warmer weather the reservoir can be crowded with boaters and water-skiers. Plan accordingly. Access to this water is afforded at several locations year-round. Whether pan-fishing for crappie or perch or setting out to catch a trophy tiger muskie, anglers will find plenty of action in a beautiful setting at Pineview Reservoir. The chance of catching a trophy tiger muskie is what makes this water truly Blue Ribbon. Anglers are reminded to carefully release all tiger muskellunge caught. Proper catch and release of these toothy critters may require the use of special tools like large boat nets and long pliers.

Waterbody type

Large warmwater lake > 200 acres


Pineview Reservoir is located at 4,900 feet of elevation, just 15 miles from Ogden, Utah. The reservoir is located at the top of Ogden Canyon along the Wasatch Mountains. The UTM coordinates for this waterbody are 431,959.19 meters east and 4,568,547.72 meters north. Decimal degree coordinates for this water are -111.828072 longitude and 41.260096 latitude.


Black crappie limit is 20. Yellow perch limit is 50. The limit of bluegill and green sunfish in the aggregate is 50. Black bullhead limit is 24. The limit of largemouth and smallmouth bass in the aggregate is 6, only 1 bass may be over 12 inches. Closed to the possession of tiger muskie. All tiger muskie must be immediately released. Underwater spearfishing is permitted for both game and nongame fish from 6 a.m. on the first Saturday on June through November 30. Underwater spearfishing hours are from official sunrise to official sunset. It is illegal to use artificial light while underwater spearfishing, and free shafting is prohibited. Tiger muskie may not be taken by means of underwater spearfishing. Closed inside buoys by spillway near the dam. Consult your fishing guidebook for more information.

Bait restrictions

Remember that use or possession of live baitfish and tiger salamanders while fishing is unlawful. Unlawful to use whole fish for bait. Cut baitfish must not be larger than one inch in any dimension and no more than one piece per hook. Live crayfish should only be used if obtained by a legal method. For additional information consult Section R657-13-12 of the Administrative Rules.

Nearest town

Huntsville, UT

Distance to Huntsville, UT


More information

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Pineview Reservoir

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From Salt Lake City, head north on I-15. Travel 36.8 miles; taking exit 341 for UT-79 toward 31st Street. Keep right at the fork and follow signs for Wever State University and merge onto UT-79 E/31st Street. Travel on 31st street for 1.2 miles. Turn left onto US-89 N/S Washington Blvd. Follow Washington Blvd. for 2.5 miles. Turn right onto E 1200 S/12th Street. Travel on 12th Street for 1.2 miles. Continue straight onto UT-39 E/Canyon Rd.


Pineview Reservoir is 2,874 acres in area.


Pineview Reservoir has a maximum depth of 82 feet. The average depth of this waterbody is 44 feet.


Pineview is located at 4,900 feet of elevation.

Fishing information

Sport Species

Black bullhead
Black crappie
Common carp
Largemouth bass
Smallmouth bass
Tiger muskie
Yellow perch

Non-Sport Species

Green sunfish

Angling Methods

Float Tube
Motorized boat
Non-motorized boat

Suggested Tackle

Spincast, spinning, baitcast, or fly tackle can be used successfully on this water; providing angling opportunities for the novice and the specialized angler alike. Light weight tackle is suitable for panfish species; however, medium weight to heavy weight tackle is required for bass and tiger muskie. Floating line is recommended when fly fishing for panfish and bass. Intermediate sinking line works well when fly fishing for tiger muskie. Wire leader is recommended when going after tiger muskie. Note that hook sizes for flies should by 2/0 and greater. For more information on fishing tackle visit the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Suggested Bait

Cut bait from legal species, live crawfish (from Pineview Reservoir only), night crawlers, waxworms, or mealworms will provide bait anglers with great action. For tips in the use of bait go to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Suggested Lures

Small jigs tipped with live bait or a simple bobber and worm combination will provide good action for panfish species. Try worms, dead minnows, or cutbait on a slip sinker rig if targeting bullhead. Bass should be targeted by utilizing plastic worms, swimbaits, tube jigs, crawfish or baitfish imitating crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or topwater lures, such as buzzbaits or poppers. To target tiger muskie, utilize similar lures that you would for targeting bass, but increase the size of the lure. For more information on lures go to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Fly Matrix

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Current Water or Flow Conditions

Find out about current lake elevation at Pineview by going to the Bureau of Reclamation website.

Moon Phase and Fish Conditions

Get a glimpse at how moon phase and barometric pressure may be affecting the fishing at Pineview by going to

Seasonal Environmental Conditions

Ice begins forming on Pineview Reservoir in late December/early January. Ice off varies, but usually occurs in March. Water temperatures (oF) range from the upper 50s in spring, to the mid 70s in mid-summer, and back down to the 50s in the fall.

Fishing License Information

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Fish Preparation

Read more about preparing fish on the Take Me Fishing Web site

AIS Transportation Prevention

Learn more about preventing the spread of invasive species

Catch and Release Information

Learn proper catch and release technique

Biological Report

Pineview Reservoir report

Consumption Advisories

See current fish consumption advisories

Services Description

Lodging is available in the towns of Huntsville and Eden. Bait, fuel, restaurants, and grocery stores can all be found in the nearby towns of Huntsville and Eden. Additional services can be found in Ogden .

Access Points

Six access points are available for anglers at Pineview Reservoir. Information for each of these access points can be found by clicking on the links below.

Access pointCamping servicesAmenities for the disabledBoat servicesVisitor servicesOther recreation
Anderson CoveRVPrimitive (tent) sites
Picnic tablesRestrooms
Trails/shoreline paths
Hand launch
Gray water disposalRestrooms
Fire ringsPicnic areas
Camp hostDrinking water
Covered picnic areas
Wildlife watchingCycling
SwimmingMountain biking
Browning PointWaterskiingWildlife watching
Mountain biking
Cemetery PointRestroomsTrails/shoreline paths
RampRestroomsFire rings
Picnic areasCamp host
Drinking waterCovered picnic areas
Wildlife watchingCycling
SwimmingMountain biking
Middle InletRestroomsHand launch
RestroomsFire rings
Picnic areasDrinking water
Covered picnic areas
Wildlife watchingSwimming
Mountain biking
Wildlife watchingSwimming
Mountain biking
Port RampRestroomsTrails/shoreline paths
RampGray water disposalRestrooms
Camp hostDrinking water
Wildlife watchingSwimming
Mountain biking

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