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Fish hatcheries

Midway Hatchery

850 S 140 E
Midway, Utah 84049
(435) 654-0282


The Midway Hatchery is located in Wasatch County, approximately one mile from the town of Midway. At 100 S in Heber City, turn west onto Highway 113 and follow road to Midway. At Center Street turn left and go 8 1/2 blocks to 850 S, turn left and go 1 1/2 blocks to the hatchery building.

Artist's rendering of the Midway Hatchery

Historic information

Midway Hatchery started out as a private trout farm in 1909. Several private companies purchased the land and water rights in succession, including the Provo Valley Trout Company, Wasatch Trout Company, John Van Wagoner and finally the Timpanogos Rod Club. The Utah State Fish and Game Department leased the land in 1924 and began to improve the site. The site and water rights were purchased in 1932 for $7,000.00. Alma Durtschi and Angus Thacker patented a revolving screen to separate fish into their respective ponds and allowed moss to pass over the screen. In five months of operation the hatchery produced more than 5,000,000 trout annually for stocking into lakes and rivers of the area.

Elevation of the hatchery is 5,450 feet. Flow at the hatchery ranges from an average flow at the hatchery's head end of 7.8 cfs to 26.7 cfs at the tailend. Flow varies greatly by month and location.

In 2000 whirling disease was identified at Midway, and the hatchery was depopulated and closed. Studies were conducted to determine the origin of the infection and how best to prevent reinfection of the site after clean up. Even though artesian flows were present throughout the area, contaminated water could be found directly under the soil's surface. As a result, three production water wells were dug with the idea of pumping clean water from depth greater than 150 feet. To further ensure that no infected water would be pulled into the system, cones of depression from pumping would be maintained at no great depth than 35 feet. The three production wells will produce 9 cfs year around of good quality flow at 54° F.

Hatchery operation

Completion of the new Midway Hatchery is scheduled for fall 2008. When completed Midway will have four full-time employees. Production will include fingerling and advanced fingerling cutthroat and triploid rainbows for Strawberry Reservoir and other reservoirs in central and northern Utah. Midway is also scheduled to produce 250,000 catchable rainbows for central Utah. Annual production is projected to be 190,000 pounds.


Stocking will resume when hatchery reopens.


When the hatchery reopens, visitors will be limited to the hatchery's administrative area due to disease concerns.

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