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Fish hatcheries

Mammoth Creek Hatchery

1306 S Fish Hatchery Rd
Hatch, Utah 84735
(435) 735-4200


Mammoth Creek Hatchery is located in Garfield County approximately 18 miles from Panquitch, Utah. To find the hatchery take Highway 89 to Hatch. Proceed approximately two miles south of Hatch on Highway 89 to turn off. Turn west at Hatchery sign onto paved road and follow signs approximately 2.5 miles to Hatchery. Proceed down dugway into Hatchery carefully.

Mammoth Creek Hatchery

Historic information

Originally called the Panquitch Hatchery, it was opened in 1923. The first year's production was approximately 25,000 pounds of sub-catchables (smaller than six inches) trout were raised on ground up horsemeat. The hatchery was renovated in 1960 to repair the crumbling raceway walls. In 1980 a major reconstruction project was started that replaced the cement rearing units and dirt ponds, along with the residence, old feed/chop house and storage buildings.

Mammoth Creek is the only state hatchery to have steel raceways. In 2002, Mammoth Creek tested positive for whirling disease. All of the fish on hand were destroyed and the hatchery was closed. Work began to determine the source of infection, which was later isolated to a direct conduit from Mammoth Creek to the hatchery springs. In 2006 construction of a filtration and UV disinfection system, plus covering of all outside raceways was completed and production was resumed.

Hatchery operation

Mammoth Creek currently has three full-time employees. Species of fish produced include diploid rainbows and splake. Annual production is maintained at 70,000 pounds.


Mammoth Creek stocks 151,000 rainbow catchables in area waters. Twelve thousand advanced fingerling rainbow trout are stocked into Panguitch Lake annually. The hatchery also stocks 29,000 fingerling Splake (lake Trout X brook Trout) annually.


The hatchery is closed to visitors due to disease concerns. There are kiosks at the parking lot showing some hatchery processes.

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