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Fish hatcheries

Loa Hatchery

1305 W 975 S
Fremont, Utah 84747
(435) 836-2858


The Loa Hatchery is located in Wayne County and is approximately three miles from Loa, Utah. To find the hatchery from Sigurd on Hwy 89, take Highway 24 to Loa. When coming into Loa turn left (hard 100-degree turn) onto County Rd. 61. Follow the road three miles to the hatchery.

Loa Hatchery

Historic information

In 1931, 1.8 acres was purchased from D.W. Brain to build a hatchery on the land. Newell B. Cook, Utah State Fish and Game Commissioner submitted a proposal to build a hatchery on the land in 1935. The initial hatchery was built in 1935–36. A total renovation of the hatchery occurred in 1962–63, with the purchase of an additional 40 acres of land. The hatchery is located at an elevation of 7,200 feet. The source of water is many small springs called Brain Springs. The 13 cubic feet per second flow is available year around for fish culture. Temperature of the main spring is 59° F and the hatchery building spring maintaining a temperature of 54° F.

Hatchery operation

Loa Hatchery currently has three full time employees and shares one employee with the J. Perry Egan Hatchery during the spring and summer months. Fish production includes browns, diploid and triploid rainbows and splake (female Lake trout X male brook trout). Annual production is maintained at 180,000 pounds.


Although Loa Hatchery has remained negative for whirling disease since the disease was originally found in the area in 1991, it has been limited to stocking locations that are either dead end drainages or areas where no natural reproduction occurs. As a result, Loa fish are hauled statewide, with a lot of the fish stocked into urban waters. They produce and stock 233,000 catchable rainbows and 41,000 browns per year. 113,000 splake are stocked into waters in dead-end drainages.


Visitors are not allowed at Loa Hatchery due to disease concerns.

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