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Fish hatcheries

J. Perry Egan Hatchery

2550 S 200 W
Bicknell, Utah 84715
(435) 425-3547


J. Perry Egan Hatchery is located in the south central part of Utah approximately four miles south of the town of Bicknell. About 2.5 miles east of Bicknell turn right on a county road and proceed for two miles to the hatchery.

J. Perry Egan Hatchery

Historic information

The J. Perry Egan Hatchery (named after a former director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources) was built in 1973. The hatchery's water supply flows from a cover spring that produces 19 cubic feet per second of flow at 47° F. The cold temperature makes Egan an ideal brood station. Egan produces all of the eggs for the state's fish hatcheries with the exception of Bear Lake cutthroat eggs that are produced at the Mantua Hatchery.

Hatchery operation

The Egan Hatchery currently has six full-time employees. From September through April the crew takes over 20 million eggs to provide all of the DWR hatcheries and several Federal Fish Hatcheries with eyed eggs. Eggs are produced from the brood fish held at Egan include: Brook, Brown, Lake Trout, albino Rainbow Trout and five strains for Rainbow Trout. Splake (female Lake Trout X male Brook Trout) and Tiger Trout (female Brown Trout X male Brook Trout) are also produced. Triploid (three sets of chromosomes instead of the normal which is two) eggs are produced from Rainbow and Brook eggs to meet managements needs for sterile fish to prevent stocked fish from crossing with native cutthroat or reproducing in the wild and competing with native species. The crew also assists with the egg taking operations of Cutthroat Trout at two wild traps in Daugherty Basin and Manning Meadow to help with propagation of those strains.


Egan stocks excess brood fish into state waters as requested by regional managers. These fish range in size from three- to 20-plus inches.


The hatchery is closed to visitors due to disease concerns.

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