Last modified: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fish hatcheries

Loading a tanker at one of Utah's fish hatcheries

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources currently maintains ten production hatcheries, a research facility and a warmwater hatchery to stock Utah's streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs with more than 12,000,000 sportfish fish annually. Hatcheries are located throughout the state on available spring water supplies.

A captive broodstock is maintained at the J. Perry Egan Hatchery at Bicknell, Utah to provide eggs for Division hatcheries. In addition the captive broodstock, many of the hatcheries operate wild fish spawning sites to collect eggs native cutthroat populations throughout the state.

Fish stocked by Division hatcheries range in size from two-inch fry to 10-inch catchables and include brook, brown, cutthroat, grayling, kokanee salmon, albino rainbow and rainbow trout. Splake (lake trout X brook) and Tiger trout (brown X brook) hybrids are also stocked. In 2006 over 916,000 pounds of fish were stocked in Utah and generated an estimated $393 million for the economy of the state.

Division hatcheries

Photos of hatcheries and hatchery operations

Current fish stocking reports

See our stocking reports to find out where we have planted fish in Utah.

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