Conservation & wildlife

Utah Conservation Data Center
This is the central repository of information on biodiversity in Utah. Search the database for information and photos of many of Utah's native species. Download lists and reports.

Utah Sensitive Species List

Utah Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
Efforts are underway in Utah to restore habitat, enhance or reintroduce native species, and improve the stewardship of public and private lands using State Wildlife Grants (SWG).

Information regarding wolves in Utah
Information on wolves in general and on the current and future status of wolves in Utah

Great Salt Lake
Brine shrimp information and Comprehensive Management Plan documents

Wildlife Values in the West
Regional Survey Results, Utah-related Highlights — (PDF format, 5 MB)

West Nile virus information
WNV is transmitted by mosquitoes. Some birds and mammals, including humans, can contract a WNV infection. The DWR is assisting the Utah Dept. of Health in a collecting samples from dead birds as part of a nationwide WNV surveillance.

Cutthroat trout information
These pages were designed to provide a source of basic and technical information for people interested in and involved in cutthroat trout conservation with a specific focus on Bonneville and Colorado River cutthroat trout.

Aquatic nuisance species in Utah
These species pose major threats to Utah's water resources by altering or overwhelming the natural balance and stability of aquatic systems.

Quagga and zebra mussels
These aggressive mollusks pose a huge threat to Utah's waterways that could severely compromise fisheries and damage water management facilities. Although not yet in Utah, these mussels were found recently in Lake Mead and the lower Colorado River.

Nonnative fish are focus of research
Management of nonnative northern pike and smallmouth bass remains the focus of research conducted by biologists participating in the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program.

Utah Northern River Otter Management Plan
The purpose of the Utah River Otter Management Plan is to provide direction for management of northern river otter (Lontra canadensis) in Utah and to expand the current distribution to its historic range. — (PDF format, 484 KB)

Wildlife diseases
Chronic wasting disease, West Nile virus, whirling disease & monkeypox

Utah Big Game Range Trend Studies
Monitoring, evaluating and reporting changes in vegetation composition at designated key range areas throughout Utah.

Utah Gunnison's Prairie Dog and White-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation Plan
Final draft, November, 2007 — (PDF format, 1.4 MB)

Habitat program
Links to habitat information and programs

Great Basin Research Center
Located in Ephraim, Utah, the GBRC conducts forest and rangeland restoration research needed to implement effective wildlife habitat conservation programs statewide.

Upper Sevier River Community Watershed Project
A collaborative partnership addressing restoration needs, management challenges and research opportunities for rangeland, forestlands and aquatic ecosystems in the upper Sevier River watershed.

June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program
The June Sucker is endemic to Utah Lake and is listed as a federally endangered species. The June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program was established to guard against the threat of extinction.

The Pygmy Rabbit
This worksheet provides the necessary tools for accurate identification of pygmy rabbits as well as their habitat and sign. — (PDF format, 425 KB)

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher information
A public scoping process is underway to identify critical habitat for the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. — Fact Sheet and Q&A — (PDF format)

Vertebrate Information
Compiled By The Utah Natural Heritage Program: A Progress Report — (PDF format, 35 MB — very large file)

Wildlife rehabilitators
A list of authorized wildlife rehabilitators in Utah

Browsing deer and ornamental landscape plantings
Plan your landscaping to minimize damage caused by browsing deer

ArcView GIS shapefile format data on various Utah wildlife species

California condors

Wildlife Fact Sheets — Notebook Series
Our Notebook Series of Wildlife Fact Sheets profiles selected species of Utah fauna

Blue Ribbon Fisheries

Fisheries Experiment Station

Endangered and Threatened Animals of Utah — 1998, — (PDF format, 1.3 MB)

Conservation agreements

Native cutthroat trout conservation reports

Businesses offering urban wildlife nuisance services

Utah Reclamation Mitigation & Conservation Commission

Provo River Restoration Project
The PRRP is undertaking an extensive restoration of the middle Provo River to a more natural condition. When completed in 2006, the previously straightened river channel will closely resemble it's historic condition with meanders, side channels and extensive wildlife habitat.

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