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General sales statistics for 2010

Code Description Total documents
C001 Resident combination 12+ 146,773
C011 Nonresident combination 12+ 5,452
D001 Resident buck deer 77,113
D011 Nonresident buck deer/season fishing 5,418
D021 Resident buck deer dedicated hunter 7,071
D031 Nonresident buck deer dedicated hunter/season fishing 111
D041 Lifetime buck deer permit 3,367
D051 Resident landowner gs buck deer permit 653
D081 Dedicated Hunter limited-entry resident buck deer premium 2
D091 Dedicated Hunter limited-entry resident buck deer 12
D111 Dedicated Hunter limited-entry nonresident buck deer/season fishing 1
D121 Resident youth archery buck deer 421
D131 Nonresident youth archery buck deer/season fishing 9
E001 Resident archery elk 11,179
E011 Resident muzzleloader spike bull elk 1,375
E021 Resident any bull elk 12,226
E031 Resident spike bull elk 12,317
E041 Nonresident archery elk/season fishing 431
E051 Nonresident muzzleloader spike elk/season fishing 16
E061 Nonresident any bull elk/season fishing 627
E071 Nonresident spike bull elk/season fishing 233
E101 Resident control antlerless elk 90
E111 Nonresident control antlerless elk 18
E121 Resident gen muzzleloader any bull elk 1,545
E131 Nonresident gen muzzleloader any bull elk/season fishing 23
F001 Resident fishing 14+ 152,439
F011 Resident fishing 1-day 14+ 29,945
F016 Resident fishing 1-day 14+ license 706
F021 Resident fishing 7-day 14+ 8,415
F031 Resident fishing 65+ 14,649
F081 Resident fishing second pole 16,191
F091 Resident fishing set line 267
F101 Nonresident fishing 14+ 10,707
F111 Nonresident fishing 1-day 14+ 52,523
F116 Nonresident fishing 1-day 14+ license 12,310
F121 Nonresident fishing 7-day 14+ 32,060
F131 Nonresident fishing second pole 2,428
F141 Nonresident fishing set line 16
F151 Wyoming resident Flaming Gorge permit 1,375
F161 Arizona resident Lake Powell Permit 5,476
F191 Resident fishing (12–13) 19,573
F201 Nonresident fishing (12–13) 3,193
G001 Resident cougar 327
G009 Resident cougar conservation 9
G011 Resident cougar objective 558
G021 Resident cougar pursuit 652
G031 Nonresident cougar 39
G039 Nonresident cougar conservation 12
G041 Nonresident cougar objective 156
G051 Nonresident cougar pursuit 68
G101 Resident cougar damage permit 1
H001 Resident bear 339
H009 Resident bear conservation 15
H011 Resident bear pursuit 352
H021 Nonresident bear 42
H029 Nonresident bear conservation 9
H031 Nonresident bear pursuit 61
H041 Resident restricted bear pursuit 90
H051 Nonresident restricted bear pursuit 10
S001 Resident hunting 13 and under 4,393
S011 Resident hunting license 14+ 6,203
S018 Hunting 14+ N/C Paiute 29
S021 Nonresident hunting license any age 20,838
S031 Nonresident small game 3-day any age 587
S041 Resident hunter education hunting license 12,221
S043 Resident hunter education hunting license duplicate N/C 87
S051 Nonresident hunter education hunting license 117
S071 Nonresident hunting license any age 1
S101 Resident bowhunter education certificate 6
T001 Resident furbearer 1,839
T011 Nonresident furbearer 31
T021 Resident marten 30
T041 Resident bobcat permit 4,501
T051 Nonresident bobcat permit 70
T061 Resident trap registration number 234
T071 Nonresident marten 1
U001 Resident limited-entry turkey 2,859
U009 Resident turkey Merriams conservation 1
U011 Resident turkey 10,025
U019 Resident turkey conservation 61
U021 Resident sage-grouse 787
U031 Resident sharp-tailed grouse 363
U041 Resident white-tailed ptarmigan 220
U051 Resident band-tailed pigeon 275
U061 Nonresident limited-entry turkey 64
U071 Nonresident turkey 167
U079 Nonresident turkey conservation 4
U081 Nonresident sage-grouse 10
U091 Nonresident sharp-tailed grouse 4
U101 Nonresident white-tailed ptarmigan 29
U111 Nonresident band-tailed pigeon 21
U121 Resident swan 1,949
U131 Nonresident swan 51
U141 Resident sandhill crane 306
U151 Nonresident sandhill crane 1
U181 Resident landowner turkey 60
U201 Resident sage-grouse falconry only 26

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