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Fisheries Experiment Station

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Fish culture section


The fish culture section of the Fisheries Experiment Station (FES) is responsible for the production of fish for the research program and development of brood stock for the State fish culture programs. A portion of the Fish Culture Training Class is taught by the fish culture section. June suckers, an endangered species endemic to Utah Lake, is being cultured for future brood stock. We are also conducting feed trials and evaluating the use of hormones to help induce spawn on the June sucker. We culture remnant populations of native cutthroat, Least chub and occasionally special hybrids.


Doug Routledge: Hatchery Superintendent (Wildlife Biologist III) . Graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1984 with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and with minors in Forestry and Zoology. Began working for Utah Wildlife Resources as a Wildlife Technician in 1985 at the Midway State Fish Hatchery. Was at the Loa State Fish Hatchery from 1987–1993 as the assistant manager. Phone number: 435-752-1066 ext. 216; E-mail:

Roger Mellenthin: Assistant Hatchery Superintendent (Wildlife Biologist II), transferred here from Midway Hatchery in Dec 1997. Has worked for Utah State University, Utah Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and Nevada Department of Wildlife. Has worked extensively with endangered fish, especially the June Sucker. B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Utah State University, Minor in German Language, received MBA at the University of Phoenix. Phone number: 435-752-1066 ext. 208; E-mail:

Mark Brough: Wildlife Specialist. Phone number: 435-752-1066 ext. 219; E-mail:

Gary Howes: Wildlife Specialist. Phone number: 435-752-1066 ext. 219; E-mail:

Water source

We have 16 artesian wells. Temperatures range from 54°F to 65°F. Our total flow is around 4.5 cfs.

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