Education resources

Wildlife education trunks available from the Salt Lake City office

To reserve a trunk

  1. Submit an online reservation request. Please allow up to five days for us to process your request. We will send a confirmation email when we complete your reservation.
  2. Pick up and return trucks on the first and last day of your reservation by 4:30 p.m. Our office is at 1594 W. North Temple in Salt Lake City. Visit our front counter inside the south entrance.
  3. You may reserve up to three trunks.
  4. You may request to keep the trucks for up to three weeks.
  5. We must confirm your reservation prior to pickup. We will hold reservations for 24 hours. If you fail to pick up within this time frame, we may give the trucks to another teacher.
  6. You must return the trunks on the last day of your reservation — other teachers might be waiting for them.

For questions regarding the education trunks or other educational resources, send an email to

Activity trunks and boxes available for checkout

  • Replitracks — Set of rubber track replicas; can be used to identify animal tracks or for ink printing. Includes many other resource materials for additional animal track activities. "Sandtable Tracks" kit also available for use with sand tables. Plus, "Track Stories Kit" for older students and "Track Molds" for plaster castings.
  • Bird adaptations kit — Kit contains the "Competitive Interaction" activity materials — a complete set of materials for up to 30 students to carry out the activity which focuses on bird bill adaptations and feeding strategies — and "Head/Bill and Feet Replicas" — a set of 10 true-to-life colored bird head/bill and feet replicas.
  • Bat box — Trunk with a wealth of educational resources on bats including, books, videos, bat skeleton, posters, puppets, activity guides and more.
  • Endangered species trunk — Confiscated items from illegal wildlife trade.
  • Ungulate trunk — Activities, a wealth of supplemental resources and information and parts of ungulates.
  • Songbird blues box — Excellent trunk containing a wealth of general songbird education materials, songbird specimens, puppets, posters and a comprehensive curriculum to teach about migratory songbirds.
  • Owl box — Trunk containing an owl wing and raptor feathers to demonstrate the silent flight of owls, an owl skull, pellet samples, puppets, children's books, posters, videos, and an array of articles and information.
  • Cat crate — Discover more about Utah's largest cat, the mountain lion, and its smaller relatives, the bobcat and lynx. Trunk contains hides, skulls, track replicas, books and more.
  • Seeing is believing, or the eyes have it — Explore the world of animal vision.
  • Bear box — Explore North America's three bear species. Incredible trunk which includes polar bear, grizzly bear and black bear hides, track replicas and much more.
  • Endangered species puppets — A wonderfully fun and educational set of puppets and stuffed animals from around the world with story books, background information, activity guides and more.
  • Black-Footed Ferret — Help students learn about the endangered black-footed ferret and its reintroduction into Utah. Trunk includes activities, background information, videos and more.
  • Wild turkey trunk — Contains wild turkey activities, turkey calls, feather samples, rubber track and scat replicas, a set of full color background information, bulletins and more.
  • Shorebird trunk — Great trunk featuring amazing shorebirds, containing activity guides, excellent resource books, posters, videos, puppets and more.
  • Wild canids: coyotes, foxes and wolves — Trunk contains hides, skulls, track replicas, books, posters and more. Discover more about these fascinating mammals.
  • Beavers — Trunk contains beaver hide, skull, videos, rubber replicas of feet and tail, puppets, books and more.
  • The common loon — Box with excellent activity guide, loon video, vocalization audio tape, posters and more.
  • Pacific salmon — Contains information, activities, posters, videos and more.
  • Desert, wetlands, forests/mountains — Three separate trunks featuring environments of Utah. Each contains background information, articles, comprehensive activity guides, posters, puppets and more. We also have a separate "Wetlands Field Study Trunk" for outdoor adventures.
  • Reptiles and amphibians — Explore the world of reptiles and amphibians. Trunk with activity guides, extensive background information, videos and more.
  • Utah fish — Trunk with activity guides, extensive background information, videos, puppets, fish models and more.
  • Understanding the work of nature, appreciating nature's services, conserving the diversity of life — Three excellent trunks with each containing an easy-to-follow activity guide with instructions and background information, plus, maps, posters, videos and more.
  • Biodiversity box — A diverse collection of activity guides, videos, books and more, focusing on biodiversity and its importance. Includes materials on endangered species and exotic species.
  • Raptors trunk — Explore the wonderful world of raptors. Collection of activity guides, background information, videos, posters and more. Features hawks, falcons and eagles. Includes feathers, raptor skulls and talons too!
  • Watersheds — A collection of excellent activity guides, background information, children's books and more. Features rivers and streams.
  • Utah mammal skull identification trunk: elementary and secondary — Includes activity with comprehensive background information, skulls, dichotomous key and more.
  • Insects and spiders trunk — Includes various activity guides, puppets, videos, children's books and more.
  • Fish printing — Set of rubber fish replicas and activity resources to make prints of fish and learn about different species.

Resource files

These files contain activity guides, books, informative articles and more.

  • Early childhood
  • Endangered species
  • Fire ecology
  • Naturescaping
  • Marine animals
  • Plastics pollution
  • Migratory songbirds
  • Rain forests
  • Recycling/waste
  • Sea turtles
  • Urban ecosystems
  • Whales

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