: Manti-La Sal Trail Rehab

From July 25, 2014 until August 08, 2014

At Ferron, Price and Sanpete Districts on Manti-La Sal National Forest

Posted by Volunteer Coordinator SER

Daniel Luke 435-650-4811

Categories: Habitat

Reconstruction of trail, including tread, drainage and passage. Reestablishments of trail tread. Reconstruction of drainage features. Clearing of brush and fallen trees across or along trail.

Equipment needed: shovels, picks, chain saw, pruning shears and horses.

Number of volunteers needed:


Number of available hours per person:


Special requirements (i.e. training, background check, skill set, etc.)


In good enough shape to hike multiply miles of steep grade trail carrying needed equipment


Volunteers will need to fill out and sign and date a 2014

Volunteer time sheet BEFORE any work can be done. Contact will have time sheets for the project.




2014-07-25 19:41:00
2014-08-08 21:41:00

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