Tow Urban Geese to Browns Park

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At Northern Region Ogden, UT, USA

Posted by Volunteer Coordinator NR

Rich Hansen, 801-391-1454

4 Volunteers are needed who have at least 3/4 ton pickups and are willing to tow trailers full of geese to Brown's Park WMA near Dutch John, UT during the week of June 9th.

Volunteers won't be able to leave SLC until around 1 p.m. and they have to return the trailer that same night to Farmington Bay WMA. This will be around a 4.5-5 hour drive each way. The best way to get there will be to take I-80 to Green River, Wyoming and then take Highway 191 to Dutch John, UT. The local biologist will meet the driver to release the geese.
Contact Rich Hansen 801-391-1454 for additional details.

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2014-06-13 11:10:00

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