Henry Mtn. log cabin construction

From February 11, 2014 until June 30, 2014

At Henry Mountains west side.

Posted by Volunteer Coordinator SER


Wade Paskett (435) 820-6025

Categories: Construction

Description of project:  Experienced help for any part of the following: Prep work for staining logs- Pressure wash logs prior to staining exterior, sand loft floor before sealing, blowout/vacuum interior dust prior to staining. Stain/seal exterior and interior. Staple foam rope to pre fill log joints, cracks, and seams prior to caulking. Caulk interior and exterior logs, joints, checks/cracks etc. to water proof cabin. Make and install rain gutters. Masonry stove hearth. Install wood stove smoke stack through metal roof. Linoleum flooring. Stair construction. Stair, loft, and deck railing. The Henry Mtn. log cabin is 16' x 28' with an 8' porch and loft.


Equipment needed: Tools as needed for the job.  We have some tools available.



Special requirements (i.e. training, background check, skill set, etc.)


Experienced tradesmen for the above jobs




Because of the rural location, drive time will be given for this project.


Hours availible: 32


Volunteers needed: 1 to 5





2014-02-11 13:49:25
2014-06-30 15:49:00

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